My husband and I love photography and this is a place to share that photography as well as, occassionally, the photography of others. If it's beautiful, inspiring or otherwise noticable, then we want to share it here! Hopefully, we can also share some tips and tricks of the trade, websites of interest and more along the way!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Photography & The Improving Of The Mobile Phone

It wasn't long ago when cell phones did not even exist. And then, once the mobile phone was invented, it took years before the ability to take photos was incorporated into mobile phones, and once it was, more often the not, the photos taken with mobile phones were blurry and generally not very good. But over time and with the improvements in technology, that has changed. Now, mobile phones have higher pixels for their cameras and are capable of taking some beautifully clear and sharp photos.

Here are three examples taken with my mobile phone which has a 5mp camera built-in.

Pink Rose 9th June 2011

Cream Rose 9th June 2011

Reddish maroon flower 9th June 2011

Additionally, cell phone cameras are very simple to use. Even very young children can take stunning photos using a mobile phone. Here are four examples taken by a 3 year old named Rosie using my mobile phone.

Rosies Flower Photo

Rosies Flower Photo1

Rosies Flower Photo2

Rosies Flower Photo3

It would be great if you could carry your professional camera around with you everywhere you went every day in order to be able to capture all of those random moments of beauty that you would otherwise miss photographing, but doing so is completely impractical. But with the help of the modern mobile phone, you can still capture theose special photographs even when you have had to leave your proper camera at home.