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Monday, 1 November 2010

Using Nature To Enhance Portrait Photography

Many photographers, when first starting out, lack the resources to buy proper studio lighting and backdrops for taking portraits. But that shouldn't prevent them from taking beautiful portrait photos.

And even when a photographer has all of the necessary equipment, the lighting and the beauty that nature provides sometimes just simply outdoes anything that can be provided by studio lighting and painted backdrops.

Autumn leaves 29 Oct 2010

Right now, it is Autumn. One of the most wonderful backdrops that can be found in nature during Autumn are the colorful leaves that fall from trees, spreading a carpet of reds, yellows and oranges along the ground.

Children love to sit or lay in the piles of leaves.

Connor in Autumn leaves 29 Oct 2010

Gabby in Autumn leaves1 29 Oct 2010

Bella in Autumn leaves2 29 Oct 2010

They also love to play in the leaves, making some wonderful opportunities for beautiful portrait photography.

Bella in Autumn leaves1 29 Oct 2010

Gabby & Mercury in Autumn leaves1 29 Oct 2010

Autumn leaves even make a great backdrop for pet portraits.

Mercury in Autumn leaves1 29 Oct 2010