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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Photographs, Copyright and Theft

I don't know if this will work to show you, but my husband was browsing the web looking for something unrelated and came across this.

Looks a tad familiar, to this. Don't you think?

(It's a photo of my cat Caspian that my husband took and posted to his DeviantArt account almost five years ago.)

I hate that people think it's okay to do stuff like this!

Let me get beyond my rage about this and give a short lesson in copyright. If you find a photo on the web, that does NOT mean you can use it! Most photos on the Internet are copyrighted and belong to the photographer. It is illegal to use it without permission by the photographer who owns the photo.

There are many places where you can find stock photography to use. Some of those places charge a fee and some offer the photos for free.

Using a photograph that you found on the Internet without the photographer's permission is opening yourself up to being sued by the photographer.

The irony about this particular theft is that DeviantArt, where the thief probably found the photo, actually has a stock photo section they could have browsed. The photographers set different licenses for use on their stock photography there. This photo was not listed as a stock photo and was not downloadable for use. Why do I get the feeling that the person who stole it already knew this?

Since posting this, it appears that the offending party has removed the picture from their site.